The first step is to find the business or place where your photo sphere is located. Do a search or just find it on the map and click on it.

Look at the photos section and click on the image you want to embed. If you don’t see your image click on any of them. Once they open you will be able to scroll through all the images and choose the one you want.

Once the image opens there will be a bar in the top left. Click the three small dot icon. Choose the Share of Embed option.

Click on the Share and Embed bar.

Click on the drop-down to choose the size of the image. The default is Medium but there are a few drop down sizes. You can also choose Custom size if you need a specific resolution. This resolution can also be changed once you’ve embedded the image into your WordPress site.

Then just copy the embed text from the bar.

In your WordPress post (or page) click on the Text option in the top right of the editing window. This will switch to the coding mode. You then just paste the embed code you got from Google maps into the post.

Then just preview your post or page to make sure the embed code has worked properly. When you look at the embed code you will see two numbers that set the resolution. These can then be changed once you’ve seen the image in your website.