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Cinemagraphs are looping videos that load far quicker and look much better, than standard GIF’s. They can add movement and interest to web pages and blog posts. Real Lux can film, edit and upload cinemagraphs for you using a hosting service or you can embed them directly into your website. Using looping images is becoming increasingly popular as businesses want to stand out more in a competitive digital market.

Take a look at some of our example images or browse other cinemagraph sites for inspiration. Planning and making these looping videos is a lot of fun and very satisfying when you get a good image. Creating cinemagraphs requires us taking a short video of a repetitive or easily blendable action. The images can also be added to your Instagram and Facebook accounts.


Cinemagraphs bridge the gap between video and photography. Real Lux uses Canon C100 and Canon 6D cameras to create the highest quality images. We then mix in a decades worth of editing and motion graphics experience and Photoshop know-how to make something unique and beautiful. To book a shoot or just have a chat about some ideas get in touch with us through the contact page.

Keep an eye on our blog for new examples of some of the cinemagraphs. We are always open to new and unique ideas so if you have something special in mind let us know.