Quick guide on how to setup Google Maps if you’re going on holiday.

One of the most stressful parts of going on holiday is navigating around a new city without any internet connection for Google Maps. In this handy guide, we show you how to save the places you want to visit and download the whole city for offline use.

This guide will work for Android and IOS Google Maps application. Give the video a watch and follow the few easy steps.

The main steps are as follows. Navigate to the city you are going to be visiting first. Search for the places you want to visit. Obviously historic sites, museums and other attractions are important, but remember some of the more practical things. Star where you are staying, local travel stops, restaurants, pharmacies and other useful sites.

Then click the top left hamburger and choose the Offline Areas option. Choose the exact area you want to have offline and click download. It usually doesn’t┬átake long. You may also want to download your home city to Google Maps to save bandwidth and speed up your application.

Hope you find that useful and keep visiting Real Lux for more hints and tips.